Laser Fibers & Accessories

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  • AccuMax™ Single-Use Holmium Laser Fiber

    Single-use fibers designed to efficiently deliver focused holmium energy and offer the necessary flexibility to meet the challenging deflection needs of flexible ureteroscopy.

    1. Urology
  • AccuTrac™ and Flexiva™ TracTip Single-Use Holmium Laser Fibers

    Protect Your Scope.
    Designed to pass through a fully deflected scope without damage to the scope liner or optics.*

    1. Urology
  • Flexiva™ High Power Single-Use Laser Fiber

    Flexiva Fibers offer a new technology designed to handle high power requirements while performing at a high degree of flexibility and durability for all your cases.

    1. Urology
  • LightTrail Laser Fibers™ Single Use and Reusable Laser Fibers

    High-performance lasers deserve quality fibers to match, and our single-use and reusable LightTrail Laser Fibers deliver. This integrated solution from Boston Scientific pairs intelligent LightTrail Laser Fibers with the Auriga holmium lasers and vela XL Thulium Laser to create a precise optical fit between fiber and console. The result: a safe and effective stone management system.¹

    1. Urology