LightTrail™ Laser Fibers

Single Use and Reusable Laser Fibers

LightTrail Laser Fibers

High-performance lasers deserve quality fibers to match, and our single-use and reusable LightTrail Laser Fibers deliver. This integrated solution from Boston Scientific pairs intelligent LightTrail Laser Fibers with the AurigaTM holmium lasers to create a precise optical fit between fiber and console. The result: a safe and effective stone management system.¹



Product Details

LightTrail Single Use and Reusable Laser Fibers are offered in multiple sizes, ranging from 230µm to 800µm.

Ordering Information

M006864500LightTrail™ Single-Use Laser Fiber, 230μm 1
M006864640LightTrail™ Single-Use Laser Fiber, 270µm  1
M006864520LightTrail™ Single-Use Laser Fiber, 365μm
M006864540LightTrail™ Single-Use Laser Fiber, 600μm 1
M0068F64560LightTrail™ Single-Use Laser Fiber, 800μm 1
M006864510LightTrail™ Reusable Laser Fiber, 230μm 1
M006864630LightTrail™ Reusable Laser Fiber, 270μm 1
M006864530LightTrail™ Reusable Laser Fiber, 365μm 1
M006864550LightTrail™ Reusable Laser Fiber, 600μm 1
M0068F64570LightTrail™ Reusable Laser Fiber, 800μm 1