CO2 Laser Accessories for Gynecology

FiberLase™ GYN Lap CO2 Handpieces
FiberLase™ Robotic Drop-In Guide (DIG)

The CO2 product line offers different modalities and surgical tools for numerous gynecology indications, including endometriosis, myomectomy, adhesiolysis and ovarian cystectomy. Surgeons have the versatility to choose the suitable technology and delivery mode: fiber or free-beam, per their preferences, patient anatomy and required treatment.



Product Details


To provide enhanced precision with free-beam delivery mode in colposcopy and laparoscopy, the CO2 laser platforms offer complementary surgical tools.

In laparoscopic procedures, the free-beam CO2 laser is delivered to the operating laparoscope via a beam alignment unit.

In colposcopic procedures, the free-beam arm is connected to various available operating microscopes or colposcopes, using designated micromanipulators.


COLaser Fiber 

The COfiber offers flexibility in treating hard-to-reach anatomies, and is mostly suitable for laparoscopy and robotic-assisted gynecological surgery.

In robotically assisted procedures, the FiberLase™ Drop-In Guide (DIG) provides the ability to utilize the CO2 fiber to ensure precise soft-tissue manipulation.

In laparoscopic procedures, the handpiece selection of the CO2 family of laser fibers allows precise energy delivery adjacent to critical structures such as the ureter, bladder, rectum and mainly the reproductive organs. It is designed to facilitate the surgeons’ technique of preference, through a trocar cannula or the suction irrigator for optimal maneuverability.

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