Physician Experience

Physician Experience Videos

Key opinion leaders in deep brain stimulation share their experience with DBS therapy and Vercise DBS Systems.

Physicians speak first hand of the use of Boston Scientific's innovative products and the therapeutic benefits of these to patients.

Parkinson’s Disease From Diagnosis to Treatment

Professors Lars Timmermann, MD PHD, Angelo Antonini, MD PHD, and Jens Volkmann, MD PHD, share their experience with diagnosing and treating Parkinson’s disease. They also provide their expert opinion on deep brain stimulation as a treament option.

The Vantage Study and the Vercise DBS System

Professors François Alesch, MD and Lars Timmerman, MD PHD discuss the results of the Vantage clinical study using the Vercise DBS System.

The Vercise DBS System — Connect to Innovation

Professor François Alesch, MD discusses how the Vercise DBS System is designed to improve patient day-to-day experiences. Dr. Alesch shares how existing DBS patients are able to upgrade to new technology offered by the Vercise DBS system using implant pulse generator adapters.

The Vercise PC DBS System and the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead

Professor Jens Volkmann, MD PHD, shares key insights on the first worldwide implants of the Vercise PC DBS System and the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead. Dr. Volkmann discusses the impact a directional system has on DBS treatment.