Patient Experience with Vercise™ Deep Brain Stimulation Systems

Patient Experience Videos

Parkinson's disease and dystonia patients share their experience with Vercise DBS systems.

Patients speak first hand on the difference their DBS therapy has made in their daily lives.

Inge’s Story – Germany

When Inge was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, she and her husband were unable to enjoy a big part of their everyday lives, dancing together. Watch as they share their story with the Vercise™ DBS System.

Peter’s Story – United Kingdom

Every little routine movement became difficult for Peter – like serving hot coffee to someone and seeing them get a bit nervous because of his PD tremor. Watch as Peter talks about his journey with the Vercise DBS system.

Faustino’s Story - Spain

When Faustino was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease he had to give up his hobby, which happened to be his job.

Angel and Salvador’s Story - Spain

Dystonia made everyday activities impossible for Angel and Salvador.