Vercise Gevia™
with Neural Navigator 3

Simply Advanced

Vercise™ and Vercise Gevia™ with Vercise Neural Navigator 3
Vercise Gevia™ IPG and Patient Programmer
Vercise Gevia™ IPG
Vercise Gevia™ IPG
Vercise Gevia™ IPG

Vercise Gevia™ with Neural Navigator 3 is our latest advanced DBS programming platform with our innovative STIMVIEW XT technology. Combined with the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional lead, Vercise Neural Navigator 3 is advancing directionality through simple One-Touch programming controls for real time patient and integrated visualization.



Vercise Gevia™ with Neural Navigator 3


Through industry-leading experience and insights, Vercise™ Neural Navigator 3 is the first DBS programming platform with STIMVIEW™ XT for real time patient specific integrated visualization.

Product Description

Simply Advanced Programming

Vercise Tist Distal End

Simply Versatile

Intuitive controls designed to simplify directional DBS programming and therapy customization.                                                                           

Integrated Visualization

Patient-specific anatomy integrated with stimilation fiels modeling designed for efficient programming optimization.                                      


Empowering DBS programers with access to enhanced stimulation visualization and digitized clinical effects to better understand directional stimulation.

 One-touch buttons designed to make programming intuitive and simple

 Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) offers programming flexibility and stability

In real time, STIMVIEW XT integrates patient-specific imaging, DBS Leads and stimulation fiels models into the programming

STIMVIEW offers customizable stimulation fiels models (SFM) for all potential directional stimulation settings

 Clinical Effects Map annotate and preserve valuable clinical observations on the IPG


Precise Control


Define the size and shape of stimulation to accurately target therapy and avoid unwanted effects, even in the presence of impedance variability.

There is a difference between a directional lead and a directional system.

The Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead is powered by Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) to create a directional system.
MICC provides precise control of therapy, as well as flexibility to adapt to individual physiologies, impedance variabilities, and disease progression.




Patient Focus

Our patient-focused system is more comfortable, longer lasting, and MRI Conditional.
Designed with a patient’s comfort in mind, the Vercise™ DBS Systems offer a compact IPG, smaller, thinner with contoured edges for minimal erosion and comesis.
Vercise PC System offers a larger battery capacity in a 20% smaller IPG size while Vercise Gevia System offers a 25 year rechargeable battery longevity.
Vercise Gevia System with the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional lead is full body MRI Conditional.
Wireless and intuitive remote control is designed to simplify the patient experience in managing their therapy.