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Dialysis Access Management Solutions



Discover our solutions to access and treat compromised AV access

For all your dialysis access challenges, Boston Scientific strives to offer you the most innovative and differentiated solution. Discover our broad portfolio of market-leading technology that will help you maintain your patient's vascular access.
Algorithm of treatment for AV access



For all lesion types you will be challenged with, Boston Scientific has a solution to help you reach the best possible outcome

Treat the stenosis



Boston Scientific offers a complete solution of balloons that provide great performance with minimum compromise



Discover here the technology behind Athletis™ high-pressure balloon



Discover our portfolio of balloons to maintain dialysis access

Clear the clot





AngioJet combines mechanical thrombectomy with Power Pulse™ for rapid thrombus removal. This highly effective combination can often mean faster restoration of flow, reduced lytic needed, and may shorten treatment time1.

Thrombus narrowing or restricting flow within AV access fistulas and grafts can prevent a patient from undergoing life supportive dialysis treatment. AngioJet is designed to offer quick removal of thrombotic materials from the dialysis access conduit, potentially improving long-term patency.


Watch Dr Karunanithy speak about his experience with Angiojet in AV access