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End Stage Renal Disease
Dialysis Access Management Solutions



How to impact the life of patients suffering from end stage renal disease?

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) affects more than 2 million people worldwide and is increasing at a global rate of 5 to 7 percent each year.1

Hemodialysis is one of the most common treatment for end stage renal patients.
In Europe more than 100,000 dialysis access are created each year and around 50,000 procedures are performed yearly to maintain this access.2

Studies show that of all patient's disease-related concerns, the condition of their vascular access is in the top four.

Compromised vascular access causes pain at each dialysis session and may even prevent dialysis taking place altogether. It reduces the efficacy of the dialysis and can exacerbate symptoms and fatigue for patients.

Watch here how you can make a lasting impact in the life of your patients thanks to our solutions for the treatment of compromised dialysis access