Ultra Peripheral Thrombectomy System

AngioJet peripheral thrombectomy system
AngioJet peripheral thrombectomy catheters
AngioJet Ultra Thrombectomy System
Peripheral AngioJet Catheters 

The AngioJet™ Ultra Thrombectomy System is a mechanical peripheral thrombectomy device designed to treat the widest range of thrombosed vessels - including clots from vessels as small as 1.5mm to large clot burdens in iliofemoral veins. The system removes thrombus from the body providing rapid restoration of blood flow.

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Product Detail

The versatility and power to restore flow

•  Indicated for use in peripheral arteries and veins; and dialysis-access conduits
•  Catheter, waste bag and pump set are pre-assembled into one package
•  Scalable and upgradable technology

Ease of Use
•  Automated set up
•  Compact, highly mobile design

•  Proven performance in over 700,000 cases worldwide
•  Technology that monitors system performance, runtimes, and infused fluid volumes
•  Wide range of catheters enables you to choose the length, diameter, and clot removal power appropriate for the patient

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