Personalised Dosimetry Simplified

Simplicit90Y™ Personalized Dosimetry
Simplicit90Y™ Image Segmentation
Simplicit90Y™ Treatment Planning
Simplicit90Y™ Image Registration
Simplicit90Y™ Personalised Dosimetry
Simplicit90Y™ Image Segmentation
Simplicit90Y™ Treatment Planning
Simplicit90Y™ Image Registration

TheraSphereTM Y90 Glass Microspheres combined with a Personalised Dosimetry approach enables patient specific dose optimization to maximize Tumour
Absorbed Dose while minimizing dose to healthy tissues.

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Simplicit90YTM Personalised Dosimetry Software

Simplicit90YTM is a customised, easy-to-use dosimetry software developed for accelerating treatment planning and improving 90Y Glass Microspheres Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) workflow.
The software enables to quickly embrace Personalised Dosimetry in your clinical practice with dedicated tools and features thereby reducing inter-user variability and improving dosimetric consistency.

Simplicit90Y™ Personalized Dosimetry Software image.

Simplicit90Y™ Key Features

Simplicit90Y™ is a comprehensive software solution for dosimetry planning, allowing you to:

Enhance Consistency And Efficiency

Simplicit90Y™ allows you to easily incorporate multimodal images with a range of high-performance registration tools, all with one common interface.
Coupled with automated and semi-automated tools for segmentation, this reduces inter-user variability and improves dosimetry consistency and planning confidence.

Analyse With Ease

Manipulate your data and expedite analysis with tools for the following:

  • Image-based (2D, 3D) dosimetry assessment
  • Rapid LSF calculation
  • Advanced image registration quality control tools

Confirm 90Y Treatment Quality

Simplicit90Y™ provides the capability to visualise prospective dose distribution and assess the absorbed dose delivered to the tumour and normal tissue.
By allowing for pre and post-treatment dosimetry, this software can help determine the effectiveness of a
patient’s 90Y SIRT with confidence.

Personalise Dosimetry

Simplicit90Y™ can be used to interactively tailor the absorbed dose per perfused volume by adjusting the injected activity. The software tools can be customised to a patient’s specific tumour presentation and anatomy.

Enhance Consistency And Efficiency

High performance rigid and deformable
image registration

Analyse With Ease

View absorbed dose distribution with isodose
contour line display

Personalise Dosimetry

Show heterogeneity of absorbed dose distribution in
critical structures, and assess tumour coverage

Evidence of Personalised Dosimetry

Personalised Dosimetric Approach Improves Overall Survival

Hear From Y-90 Leaders

Each patient is unique
Hear Y-90 physicians discuss the benefits and importance of a Personalised Dosimetric approach.


Dr Salem-A Unique Infusion of Microspheres for Unique Tumours.
Prof. Riad Salem, MD an Interventional Radiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, talks about using TheraSphereTM to personalise treatment and optimise dosimetry.

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This unique software has been developed to improve standardisation and 90Y dosimetry workflow by offering optimised and automated tools for each phase of the SIRT planning process. To gain a better understanding of how Simplicit90YTM works and how it can simplify your dosimetry planning, please request a demo here.


TheraSphereTM glass microspheres take advantage of a tumour’s hypervascularity and prioritize microsphere flow to the tumour.