Selective Internal Radiation Therapy

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  • Simplicit90YTM Personalised Dosimetry Simplified

    TheraSphereTM Y90 Glass Microspheres combined with a Personalised Dosimetry approach enables patient specific dose optimization to maximize Tumour
    Absorbed Dose while minimizing dose to healthy tissues.

    1. Interventional Oncology
  • TheraSphere™ Y90 Glass Microspheres

    TheraSphereTM Y90 Microspheres take advantage of a tumor’s hypervascularity and prioritise microsphere flow to the tumor. Because TheraSphereTM has high activity per sphere, fewer microspheres are needed to achieve the desired dose. The minimally embolic nature of TheraSphereTM preserves the patient’s vasculature and allows for safe and effective delivery of radiation without the risk of stasis and reflux and spares healthy tissue.

    1. Interventional Oncology