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The TARGET Study

A global real-world retrospective study that confirms TheraSphere for HCC as safe and effective, demonstrating predictable clinical outcomes across a broad patient population in 8 countries.​

Lam, M., Garin, E., Maccauro, M. et al. A global evaluation of advanced dosimetry in transarterial radioembolisation of hepatocellular carcinoma with Yttrium-90: the TARGET study. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging (2022).


Study Objective

Establish the relationships between:

  • Normal tissue adsorbed dose (NTAD) and occurrence of grade 3 or higher hyperbilirubinemia
  • Tumour absorbed dose (TAD) and Objective Response Rate (ORR)
  • TAD and Overall Survival (OS)


Study Design

Key Patient Characteristics

  • Mainly Intermediate and Advanced HCC: 33% BCLC B and 55% BCLC C
  • 7cm median target lesion
  • 33% PVT

Dosimetry Approach

  • Investigator review of patient chart and dosimetry calculation
  • Retrospective dosimetry evaluation with multi-compartment approach using Simplicit90Y™ personalised dosimetry software to determine TAD and NTAD



Tumour Absorbed Dose Was Predictive of Response1,2

Tumour Absorbed Dose Was Predictive of Overall Survival

Low Rate of ≥ Grade 3 Hyperbilirubinemia Confirms Safety of TARGET Study

The TARGET Study Patient Characteristics 1.
The TARGET Study Patient Characteristics 2.
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Study Takeaways

Deliver the highest dose to the tumour that is safely possible to maximise patient response and improve survival
Predictable results across 8 countries using multi-compartmental dosimetry using Simplicit90Y personalised dosimetry software
Like the LEGACY study and DOSISPHERE-01 trial results, the TARGET study reinforces the association between higher tumour absorbed dose and clinical outcomes

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