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At Boston Scientific, we're proud of the battery we developed that powers our DBS System, and we stand behind it 100%. Let's set the record straight about our battery.

The DBS Battery That Lets You Have It All

Vercise DBS physician product details
  • No planned obsolescence the rechargeable vercise dbs system has a 25 year battery life* with no automatic shut off.
  • Gives your physician programming options for managing Parkinson's disease as it progresses. 
  • Battery charging as little as once a month
  • With a prolonged battery life, patients are less likely to endure the worry or risks associated with battery replacement surgery.

We Help You Avoid Risky Battery Replacement Surgeries.
Why Does This Matter?

Vercise DBS lead comparison
The infection rate for patients undergoing battery replacement surgery is three times higher when compared to patients undergoing a primary procedure.4
At standard settings, the Vercise Genus DBS typically has to be charged once a month1, but many people prefer to make it a routine to change for an hour a week while watching TV or relaxing.

1 Hour

A week is typically all it takes
to keep your battery charged6

Infection rate for patients undergoing a
replacement procedure is 3X higher
than a primary procedure4

Our Battery Comes With a 15-Year Warranty5

The Vercise Genus DBS battery is warranted for 15 years5. Some batteries lose strength over time and require more frequent charging. But the Vercise Genus DBS battery contains a proprietary lithium ion Zero Volt technology that keeps the battery going strong. In fact, after 15 years of use, our battery is still going strong-operating at 90% of its capacity. That's why we can afford to give it such a powerful warranty.