Boston Scientific is committed to the introduction of new and innovative solutions, supporting Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in their daily clinical practice, while optimising the quality of patient care.

EDUCARE offers an extensive multi-stage programme of highly focused modules, tailor-made to the physician’s needs. The learning pathways aim to increase their knowledge on our products and devices, as well as the implant procedures, so that patients benefit from our newest technologies quickly and safely.

Thanks to a well-established network of Institutes for Advancing Science in Europe, Boston Scientific is able to provide high quality medical education facilities, designed to satisfy HCPs’ needs in all therapeutic areas, including Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Endoscopy, Peripheral Interventions, Urology and Pelvic Health, Neuromodulation and Electrophysiology.

The IAS is the place where innovation in professional education and patient care come together, under the Boston Scientific EDUCARE brand.

Institute for Advancing Science, Paris
In addition, we have several Institutes for Advancing Science around Europe located in Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Ratingen (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Warsaw (Poland) and Istanbul (Turkey).

Each of the facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to provide the highest level of education and hands-on experience.
All facilities include a wide range of virtual reality simulators for each therapy area, innovative imaging and diagnostic tools and several biological and non-biological models to recreate real life clinical situations.
Milan - Auditorium
Düsseldorf – Simulation Laboratory 
Warsaw - Simulation Laboratory
Through EDUCARE and the IAS network in Europe and globally, Boston Scientific offers high education and innovation standards, strengthening our relationship with HCPs increasing and improving expertise and knowledge, advancing science for life.
Paris IAS - Cath Lab
Paris IAS – Simulation Laboratory
Milan IAS – Simulator