Atherectomy System

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CLI Patients: Advanced Treatment Option
Jetstream Atherectomy System: Now with CE Mark
Jetstream eXpandable Cutter and Single Cutter catheters
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Jetstream Atherectomy Mechanism of Action animation
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Dr Shimshak uses Jetstream Atherectomy for vessel prep
Watch our last CLI Webinar Replay
A panel of reknown experts discusses during the Webinar ‚CLI Patients: Advanced treatment options‘ how to optimize limb preservation in critical limb ischaemia patients. This highly interactive session moderated by Dr. Ralf Langhoff, features case discusions and lectures on Successful BTK Revascularization Techniques by Dr Luis Mariano Palena and Downstaging the severity of CLI patients by Dr Tibor Balázs.
Jetstream Atherectomy System: Now with CE Mark for In-Stent Restenosis
Jetstream eXpandable Cutter catheter
Jetstream Atherectomy Mechanism of Action
Dr. Thomas Shimshak discusses the importance of Vessel Prep with atherectomy prior to drug-coated balloons and other adjunctive therapies.  

Atherectomy with Aspiration
The only atherectomy system with active aspiration, Jetstream treats mixed morphology, such as calcium, plaque and thrombus. Front-cutting expandable blades are designed to deliver concentric lumens, while active aspiration helps minimize the risk of distal embolization. Now with CE Mark for in-stent restenosis in femoropopliteal lesions.

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Product Detail

The Jetstream Atherectomy System features:

  • Active Aspiration: extracts debris without device removal, while minimizing embolization risk
  • Debulking: to remove multiple lesion morphologies, including calcium, plaque and thrombus. 
  • Concentric Lumens: rotational, expandable blades designed to create a uniform vessel surface and facilitate straight-line laminar flow
  • Front-cutting: to immediately engage tight or occluded lesions

System Setup Guide

EVT Supplement

The system is an innovative peripheral revascularization platform designed to restore flow through the many types of lesion morphologies encountered in peripheral arterial disease (PAD). System consists of a single-use catheter with control pod and a reusable, compact console power source that mounts to a standard I.V. stand. 
JETSTREAM Atherectomy System

Ordering Information

Product Description Catalog Number Unit Qty
Jetstream SC Atherectomy Catheter 1.85 mm 112262-003 Each 1
Jetstream SC Atherectomy Catheter 1.6 mm 112260-003 Each 1
Jetstream XC Atherectomy Catheter 2.4 mm / 3.4 mm  112266-003 Each 1
Jetstream XC Atherectomy Catheter 2.1 mm / 3.0 mm  112264-003 Each 1
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