Atherectomy System

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Jetstream Atherectomy System animation
Jetstream eXpandable Cutter and Single Cutter catheters
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Jetstream Atherectomy Mechanism of Action animation
Jetstream Atherectomy System animation
Jetstream eXpandable Cutter catheter
Jetstream Atherectomy Mechanism of Action

Jetstream™ is a rotational atherectomy system. It is engineered to predictably treat real-world lesions. Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease display a wide range of lesion characteristics such as: long, diffuse disease and chronic total occlusions (CTO) – which often include mixed morphologies like calcium, plaque and thrombus.
​Jetstream is the only atherectomy device designed​ to treat it all.


Product Detail

Jetstream Rotational Blades
Rotational blades
Jetstream front cutting blades
Front-cutting blades
Jetstream Expandable blades
Expandable blades
Jetstream Active Aspiration
Active aspiration
Jetstream Differential Cutting
Differential Cutting

The Jetstream Atherectomy System five key features enable the treatment of real-world lesions:

  • Rotational blades spin at ~70,000 RPMs to create concentric lumens, optimising balloon-to-wall apposition for DCB or other adjunctive therapies.

  • Five front-cutting blades immediately engage lesions and help enable the treatment of tight or occluded vessels.

  • Expandable blades technology enables maximum luminal gain while providing the flexibility to treat multiple vessel diameters with the same catheter.

  • Dynamic and continuous aspiration mechanically removes debris, including thrombus, helping to minimise the risk of distal embolisation, and debulk the lesion.

  • The design of the cutting edge allows the blades to cut the diseased, inelastic, tissue while deflecting away from the healthy, elastic, tissue – helping to avoid vessel wall injury.
The system is an innovative peripheral revascularisation platform designed to restore flow through the many types of lesion morphologies encountered in peripheral arterial disease (PAD). System consists of a single-use catheter with control pod and a reusable, compact console power source that mounts to a standard I.V. stand. 




Catheter/ Disposable
More resources available on the system set-up and trouble-shooting are available in the resource center.

Ordering Information

Product DescriptionCatalog NumberUnitQty
Jetstream SC Atherectomy Catheter 1.85 mm112262-003Each1
Jetstream SC Atherectomy Catheter 1.6 mm112260-003Each1
Jetstream XC Atherectomy Catheter 2.4 mm / 3.4 mm 112266-003Each1
Jetstream XC Atherectomy Catheter 2.1 mm / 3.0 mm 112264-003Each1

Jetstream Service Programs

We have a shared mission, to keep your capital equipment running at the highest level, so you always maintain the highest level of care for your patients. We have several tiers of service tailored to meet your budget and any challenge that comes along.