Atherectomy System

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Optimizing DCB Performance with Jetstream atherectomy.

Watch Dr. Gergana Taneva, Vascular Surgeon, explaining during LINC 2021 how to optimise DCB performance with rotational atherectomy.

Find out more on the challenge of complex lesions, the importance of vessel preparation and Dr Taneva experience with the Jetstream atherectomy system.

Use of Atherectomy with the Jetstream system, from simple to complex athereosclerotic lesions in the femoropopliteal segment.

  • Role of atherectomy in the modern treatment of PAD; Concept of the JETSTREAM™ Atherectomy System | Dr. G. Taneva
  • Current evidence and clinical outcomes of the JETSTREAM™ Atherectomy System | Prof. Dr. M. Andrassy
  • Indications and therapeutic algorithm with the use of the JETSTREAM™ Atherectomy System | Prof. Dr. K. Donas
  • Recorded cases – Tips and tricks | Prof. Dr. K. Donas | Dr. G. Taneva

Cases Library:

Dr. U. Sunderdiek (Interventional radiologist, Germany) demonstrates complex revascularization with atherectomy.