Atherectomy System

Jetstream Clinical Data

Studies demonstrate that the Jetstream System is safe and effective in the treatment of infrainguinal arterial lesions, and effectively removes calcium in moderately and severely calcified lesions.

Jetstream Calcium Study

The Jetstream™ Calcium Study1 demonstrated Jetstream™’s ability to create statistically significant luminal gain in severe & moderate calcium as measured by IVUS.

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JET Long Lesion

The JET-LL Registry2, demonstrated a high freedom from TLR rate at 12-months and low distal embolisation rate3 in patients with long, 24.2 cm, real-world lesions.

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In the JET-SCE3, the TLR rate was significantly reduced with atherectomy and adjunctive DCB compared to atherectomy with adjunctive PTA at 18-months*

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The results of the J-SUPREME I&II4 studies supported the use of DCB rather than standard PTA following atherectomy for sustained patency.

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