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With clear clinical advantages – Holmium laser enucleation and vaporisation of the prostate can be optimal choices for your patients.

  • HoLEP laser provides excellent and durable clinical outcomes (PVR, Qmax, IPSS and QoL) with a reoperation* rate of only 0.7% at 10-year follow-up.1
  • The Lumenis Pulse 120H Laser System with MOSES Technology transforms BPH management, as it suits a majority of patients regardless of prostate size, anticoagulants therapy and age.2-5
  • HoLEP with MOSES Technology allows successful same-day discharge of >90% of patients thanks to faster enucleation and hemostasis time.6,7

Compared with standard holmium, MOSES Technology can enable a tapered learning curve by providing better vision clarity and control during the procedure.7

*Reoperation as a result of recurrent obstruction from residual adenoma.

*Reoperation as a result of recurrent obstruction from residual adenoma.


"Clear, measurable clinical value. With this new technology we have been successful in transitioning the majority of our HoLEP procedures to same day discharge home.”

Dr. Amy E. Krambeck, Northwestern Medical
Washed out displays of the MOSES product zapping the prostate after BPH.

The MOSES Technology BPH Bubble Allows Unique Optimisation for BPH Procedures

Closeup illustration of the MOSE product inside the prostate.

Shifting Paradigms in BPH Treatments

MOSES 2.0 Technology with unique waveform optimised for BPH procedures.
Blue abstract illustration of half of a cylinder and a laser zapping the hollow center.

HoLVP (Holmium Laser Vaporisation of the Prostate)*

HoLVP is an effective surgical treatment in BPH for small to medium sized prostate.8

Holmium laser provides precise and quick vaporisation of tissue with the ability to maintain hemostasis without thermal injury to tissue.8,9

HoLVP with MOSES for BPH has been demonstrated to result in 81.5% of patients being discharged on the same-day and significantly faster treatment time of 12 minutes for a 50-gram prostate compared to regular holmium pulse.10

*HoLAP (ablation) was recognised and used interchangeably with HoLVP (vaporisation) in the AUA guidelines through 2011 and the EAU guidelines through 2014.11,12


“I have noticed significant difference when working with MOSES for vaporisation. The vaporisation rate was better, and I found a smoother vaporisation plane. I am looking forward to further exploring the potential benefits of the MOSES technology in BPH treatments.”

Dr. Fernando Gómez Sancha, Clinica Centro
Madrid, Spain