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Lumenis Pulse device, zommed into the monitor with a loading screen displaying Lumenis Pulse 120.

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MOSES 2.0 Technology is a groundbreaking, patent-protected innovation, optimising energy delivery, that remarkably improves energy transmission, resulting in more efficient lithotripsy treatments compared to regular holmium pulse.1,2

Energy transmission vs. working distance

Bench test* - A representative case2

 Graph displaying transmission percentage and distance in millimeters of MOSES product and regular. Both high at high transmission and low distance and low with low transmission and high distance.

MOSES 2.0 technology provides effective stone ablation for various stone densities, locations and compositions.1,6

 Illustration of floating stones being zapped by a laser.

Laser Lithotripsy

  • Up to 20% procedure time reduction**1
  • 33% more efficient fragmentation**1
  • 50% reduction in stone retropulsion**1
 Illustration of frontal view of prostate.

BPH Treatments

  • 25 minutes operative time reduction**3
  • 44% higher enucleation efficiency4
  • 90% same-day discharge5
*Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.
**Compared to regular holmium.