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Effectively manage biliary strictures and meet the needs of all stenting procedures with the WallFlexTM Biliary RX stent​

Effective management of biliary strictures with biliary metal stents​

WallFlexTM Biliary RX Stent

Endoscopically placed stents have become the standard of care for biliary drainage with the aim of improving hepatic function, relieving jaundice, and reducing the adverse effects of biliary strictures.​

​They can improve quality of life and allow for palliative chemotherapy in patients with malignancies.​

Multiple factors play a role in the selection of a metal stent.

The WallFlexTM Biliary RX stents and delivery system are built on science and innovation to meet the needs of all stenting procedures, including: ​​

  • Migration resistance​
  • Tissue in-growth prevention for the fully-covered version​
  • Flexibility​
  • Radial force​
  • Removability​
  • Reconstrainability​
  • Fluoroscopic visualization​

They are designed to face the numerous associated challenges, from the day of the procedure to the long term.​


  • Easy delivery​
  • Precise placement​
  • Conformability to local anatomy​


  • Accurate placement to reduce migration​
  • Optimal deployment of the stent​


  • Prolonged patency​
  • Low migration rates​
  • Removability up to 12 months*​
  • Post-op visibility​
  • Cost-effective

* Indication for the WallFlexTM Biliary RX fully covered stent in benign biliary structures.

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WallFlex™ Biliary RX Stent (including Benign Indication)​

Two decades of metal stent development and demonstrated safety and effectiveness from multiple studies have helped make WallFlex Biliary Stents the most frequently implanted biliary metal stent throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.1

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1. Liang H, Peng Z, Cao L, Qian S, Shao Z. Metal Stenting with or without Endobiliary Radiofrequency Ablation for Unresectable Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. J Cancer Ther. 2015;6(11).

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