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Our HurricaneTM RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter is developed for accurate positioning and enables excellent stricture passage. ​

Excellent stricture passage 

Hurricane dilation balloon

The HurricaneTM RX Biliary Balloon Catheter is a double-lumen catheter for endoscopic dilation of strictures of the biliary tree.​

​It has been designed to reduce resistance and increase pushability when crossing strictures thanks to a low-profile balloon shaft and tip, and a stainless steel stiffening stylet. The RX catheter design also allows guidewire locking to secure access.​

Developed for accurate positioning​

Hurricane inflation device

Hurricane™ RX Balloon offers optimal visualization with two radiopaque markers aiding in balloon positioning. Contrast may be injected with guidewire in place.​

​Complemented by a range of balloon sizes​

​The available options for balloon diameters and lengths facilitate the selection of an appropriately sized balloon for your patient's anatomy and stricture size. In addition, our balloons are designed to offer stability during stricture dilation. ​

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Hurricane™ RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Hurricane™ RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter provides pushability, a low profile 4Fr tip to reduce the risk of tissue trauma, and radiopaque markers for accurate positioning.​

Hurricane biliary balloon

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