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Radiofrequency ablation

Ablate malignant or benign tissue with precision with the HabibTM EndoHPB Catheter​

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Habib Endoscope

The Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter is an Edison Award-winning radio frequency (RF) ablation catheter. It is the first RF catheter in Europe indicated for endoscopic biliary drainage or decompression prior to stent placement, or afterwards to clear an occluded stent.​

​It may improve luminal patency for both metal and plastic stents.1-4 Pre and post RF ablation with the Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter can be assessed under direct visualization with the SpyGlass™ DS System, enabling precision in tissue ablation. ​

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Habib™ EndoHPB Bipolar  Radiofrequency Catheter

The Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter is the first Radio Frequency (RF) ablation catheter indicated in Europe for malignant or benign tissue ablation in the pancreatic and biliary tract.

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