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Advancing  therapeutic​ options in HPB*​ biliary strictures


Challenges to achieving luminal patency​

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Achieving adequate luminal patency plays a huge role in the success of a procedure, as failure to do so can result in complications and treatment delays.​

​A sub-optimal course of events can affect patients’ treatment experience and quality of life. Insufficient drainage can also reduce the survival of those with unresectable malignancies.​

The availability of reliable, effective, easy-to-deploy dilation and stenting technologies is therefore crucial to optimizing outcomes in patients with malignant strictures in the hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) tract. ​

Enabling efficient and effective treatment procedures​

At Boston Scientific, we work tirelessly to deliver innovative solutions that help you offer the best possible treatment experience to your patients.

Interventional endoscopy is a complex specialty, and we know its success relies on more than just therapeutic solutions. Read about our holistic biliary stricture management solutions:

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