ICM System

LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System

Designed exclusively for the LUX-Dx ICM, the LATITUDE Clarity System helps clinics streamline their workflow, review data efficiently and adjust device settings remotely—all without having to bring patients in for another appointment. It’s time for more efficient data management.
LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System

Enhance Efficiencies. Streamline Workflows.

Once programmed, the LUX-Dx ICM sends data directly to the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System, where alerts and comprehensive data are just a click away. The system was built specifically for ICM workflows and features:
Advanced Tools
Provides clear S-ECGs with advanced zooming and annotating tools help save time and offer confidence in assessing data.
Customizable Options
Increases efficiencies with multiple options for reporting and EMR integration to fit your clinic’s workflow.
One-Way Patient Messages
Sends read-only messages to the myLUX™ Patient app to help save time confirming data review and ease patient anxiety.
Remote Programming
Allows you to make programming adjustments remotely to accelerate critical decision making, continually fine-tune detection parameters and increase efficiencies.
Organized Design and Navigation
Helps staff when learning and using a new system and reduces clicks to help clinicians achieve a thorough review.


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Product Overview

Get product specs and learn about the key features of the LUX-Dx ICM, including a dual-stage algorithm and remote programming.

Implant Procedure

Implant Procedure

See how the LUX-Dx ICM was designed to offer a familiar insertion process to help you confidently implant the device.

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Mobile Apps

Help empower patients, improve compliance and increase efficiencies with the LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant app and myLUX™ Patient app.