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Vercise Genus DBS System Leads
Vercise Cartesia Directional Lead video.


Cartesia 3D Directional Programming Capabilities

The Vercise Genus DBS System is powered by Cartesia 3D. Cartesia 3D is the suite of directional programming capabilities produced by combining the power of Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) with the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead.

Powered by Cartesia 3D, the Vercise DBS leads allow you to independently control and precisely refine the size and shape of stimulation, accurately targeting therapy and avoiding unwanted side effects – even in the presence of impedance variability – to help manage your patients’ ever evolving needs.

With the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional lead, you can precisely stimulate and refine directional stimulation in both monopolar and bipolar settings.

With Cartesia 3D, precisely shape and steer stimulation where it’s needed most and leverage more programming flexibility to help manage a patient’s ever evolving needs.
Visualization of Vercise Genus DBS System directional lead in Ring Mode.

Reliable DBS Therapy

Exclusively available through Cartesia 3D, Ring Mode is designed to offer consistent, reliable therapy and – unlike with other systems – does so even in the face of changing impedances.
Visualization of Vercise Genus DBS System directional lead using Virtual Contact.

Precise Stimulation

Stimulation is no longer limited to physical electrodes. Using Virtual Contact, you can precisely define the size, shape, position and direction of stimulation.
Visualization of Vercise Genus DBS System directional lead using flexible stimulation.

Flexible Stimulation

Multi-polar and bipolar mode, wide amplitude allowance and other unique programming capabilities give you the flexibility to manage more challenging patient cases and adapt to future therapy needs.

Innovative DBS Leads

The Vercise Genus DBS System features two lead options: one DBS directional lead and one standard DBS lead, both with four independently programmable areas.
Vercise Cartesia Directional Lead for Vercise Genus DBS System.

The Vercise CartesiaTM Directional Lead

Designed to maximize directional stimulation options, the Vercise Cartesia Directional lead offers flexibility to optimize patient therapy while avoiding side effects.

  • 7.5 mm array span
Vercise Standard Lead for Vercise Genus DBS System.

The Vercise Standard Lead

The standard lead offers the best of both span and spacing with eight ring contacts.

  • 15.5 mm array span

Icon of Vercise Genus DBS System R16 IPG, Vercise Genus DBS System P8 IPG and Vercise Genus DBS System P16 IPG.

Precision Made Personal

All of the system’s implantable pulse generators (IPGs) are full-body MR Conditional*, allowing patients to safely undergo MRI scans, and powered by Cartesia 3D directional programming.

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Precision in Hand

Personalize DBS programming with wireless Bluetooth® communication, intuitive directional steering controls and insightful clinical effect annotations.

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Clinical Excellence

The Vercise DBS systems are supported by dozens of studies with hundreds of patients showing clinical benefits to patients globally.

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