Vercise™ Genus DBS System

Control Made Clear

Vercise System
Vercise Genus System

The Vercise Genus Deep Brain Stimulation System is the latest device in a long line of meaningful innovations from Boston Scientific. Combining Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC), unique directional capabilities, and integrated visualization of patient anatomy, the Vercise Genus DBS system offers unprecedented control for improved patient outomes.​



Vercise Genus™ DBS System


Control Made Clear
Explore the innovation of the Vercise Genus system.

Evidence based programming with Vercise DBS System


Precision made personal

Precision made personal

Convenience meets comfort​

The Vercise Genus DBS system's small, thin IPGs are now equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to provide enhanced communi- cation and ease of use. ​
Rechargeable battery offers a 25-year lifespan ​
to lessen the risk of repeat surgeries​