Temperature Ablation Catheter

True Ablation Feedback

The INTELLATIP MIFI™ catheter technology provides more precise ablation EGM information and lesion maturation feedback in thin tissue.

Lesion Maturation Feedback

Higher electrogram voltage and a lower pacing threshold with Mini Electrodes predicted a successful lesion
Pre-ablation bipolar amplitude and pacing threshold, obtained with the Mini Electrodes predicted a successful lesion with a Positive predict value of 91%4

Predict a successfull lesion with Positive Predict value of 91%

Predict value Criteria:
Voltage Amplitude Decrease >0,32 mV
Pacing Threshold Increase <1,5 mA

Sensitivity of 52%
Specificity 85%

The use of a 10-mmtip RF ablation catheter equipped with MEs has been demonstrated to reduce the ablation time & number of RF application as compared to irrigated tip catheters with similar procedure and fluoroscopy times5
  • EGM amplitude reduction, post ablation, was greater when measured with 
    mini-electrodes compared to conventional 8 mm tip1
  • EGM amplitude reduction on the mini-electrodes, post ablation, was correlated to transmurality1
Lesion Maturation Feedback graph
Lesion Maturation Feedback graph

Lesion Maturation Feedback

A significant percentage decrease of P2P voltage was demonstrated at M1-2, M2-3 and M3-1 recording when compared with that of 8 mm tip voltage after 4 seconds and 2 seconds of energy application at 50° and 70° respectively.2

EGM Attenuation

Mini-electrodes demonstrate significant amplitude reduction and signal clarity post ablation as compared to unipolar and bipolar signals.3
IntellaTip MiFi EGM Attenuation images
IntellaTip MiFi EGM Attenuation images
 Intella Tip MiFi XPThermocool or Thermocool SF
Number of RF application (n)6,9 +/- 3,612 +/- 7,1
FR Time to initial block222 +/- 159396 +/- 211
Total RF Time (s)358 +/- 197566 +/- 211
Fluoroscopic time (Min)6,9 +/- 7,16,1 +/- 5,6