Temperature Ablation Catheter

True Tip Location

Unique design of the INTELLATIP MIFI™ XP catheter allows for precise identification of the catheter tip location.

Highly Localized Recording at the Center of Ablation

  • Mini-electrodes, located at the distal tip, engineered to reduce the gap between mapping and ablation
  • Closely positioned mini-electrodes designed to exclude far-field signals

Accurate EGM Localization

  • EGMs with mini-electrodes provide accurate information of tip location
  • Mini-electrode electrograms clearly demonstrate when the tip enters the right atrium
EKG showing InteallaTip MiFi tip entry into right atrium
Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases.  Results in other cases may vary.

Accurate High-Resolution Mapping

Double potentials measured across the ablation line. Note, local signals were only observed on the Mini Eletrodes2

In Figure B Mini electrodes signals suggesting an optimal site to initiate the deployment of the linear lesion.

Due to a better mapping capability than conventional bipoles in figure C, the mini-electrodes display only ventricular electrograms, suggesting that the tip of the ablation catheter is situated in the right ventricle.3

Maps generated with the mini-electrodes provide accurate information of tip location in relation to the line of block1