Temperature Ablation Catheter

INTELLATIP MIFI XP Temperature Ablation Catheter
INTELLATIP MIFI XP Catheter and Tips
INTELLATIP MIFI XP Temperature Ablation Catheter
INTELLATIP MIFI XP Catheter and Tips

The INTELLATIP MIFI XP, with MicroFidelity (MiFi) sensor technology, introduces a new generation of high-resolution ablation catheters. INTELLATIP MIFI XP technology, only from Boston Scientific, is engineered to deliver highly localised electrical information of unparalleled clarity to allow you to see the critical information you need in real-time.

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IntellaTip MiFi XP Vs Thermocool or Surround Flow SF with Carto 3®1

98 Patients CTI Ablation


IntellaTip MiFi XP™

Evaluation of the efficiency of a novel mini-electrode (ME) catheter equipped 10-mm tip


Thermocool® or
Surround Flow SF®

Product Details

Unparalleled Clarity – Truth with MicroFidelity (MiFi)

The INTELLATIP MIFI™ XP provides a true, multi-dimensional picture of exactly what is happening at and around the tip of the catheter.

Unique Catheter Design

3 Sophisticated Mini-Electrodes

Enable localized recording of a small area
Deliver signals of unparalleled clarity
Allow multiple channels for highly localized EGMs

Physics of RF Delivery

  • Ablation tip is laser-cut to create the space for mini-electrodes
  • Each pocket created for a mini-electrode is a hollow cylinder
  • Ampere’s law: In the inner diameter of a hollow cylinder, there is no RF field present

There is no RF field, and thus no RF heating, on the inner edge of the mini-electrode pockets. 

Bidirectional Curve Options

Standard Radius Curve

Shaft Size: 7F
Tip Size: 8F/8mm (straight)
Model No.  M004 EPM4500 0
Tip Size: 8F/10mm (straight)
Model No. M004 EPM4790 0

Large Radius Curve

Shaft Size: 7F
Tip Size: 8F/8mm (straight)
Model No.  M004 EPM4500K2 0
Tip Size: 8F/10mm (straight)
Model No. M004 EPM4790K2 0

INTELLATIP MIFI™ XP Cable & Accessories Specifications

IntellaTip MiFi Filter Module
IntellaTip MiFi Filter Module

Filter Module

Model No. M004 1212 0

Provides passive filtration of

Allows for the information from mini-electrodes to be visualized on the recording system

Designed to work with the Maestro Controller

IntellaTip MiFi Reference Cable
IntellaTip MiFi Reference Cable

Reference Cable

Model No. M004 3636 0

Connects Filter Module to Pod

To minimize system noise,
keep cables untangled

Total length – 81 cm.

IntellaTip MiFi Catheter Cable
IntellaTip MiFi Catheter Cable

Catheter Cable

Model No. M004 620 0

Bifurcated design

Total length – 305 cm.

Ordering Information

Electrode Configuration: Quadripolar
Electrode Spacing: 2.5 mm
Indicated for use with an 8.5F sheath
Catheter Model No.Shaft SizeTip Size Curve StyleCable Model No.
M004 EPM4500 07F8F/8 mm (straight)StandardM004 620 0
M004 EPM4500K2 07F8F/8 mm (straight)LargeM004 620 0
M004 EPM4790 07F8F/10 mm (straight)StandardM004 620 0 
M004 EPM4790K2 07F8F/10 mm (straight)LargeM004 620 0
Cables and Accessories
Model No.Description
M004 1212 0Filter Module (reference cable included)
M004 3636 0Reference Cable from Filter Module to Pod (81 cm)
M004 620 0Cable from Catheter to Pod and to Filter Module (3 m)
M004 653S 0Cable from Filter Module or Pod to Recorder (2 required)
7 F = 2.33 mm    8 F = 2.66 mm    8.5 F = 2.83 mm