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A New Standard Of Care In SFA Stenting

Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent

Eluvia™️drug-eluting stent consistently outperforms other SFA stents - no matter the lesion complexity, no matter the patient

Eluvia™ consistently outperforms other SFA stents – no matter the lesion complexity, no matter the patient

Restenosis poses a significant, prevalent challenge in superior femoral artery (SFA) disease  management. Boston Scientific is dedicated to overcoming peripheral arterial disease (PAD) challenges with bold innovation using next-generation drug-eluting technology. Eluvia is built for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer. Regardless of patient or lesion complexity, Eluvia has durable and consistent results in two level-1 comparative effectiveness trials.

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Superior primary 
patency over bare metal stents
(BMS) and Zilver™ paclitaxel (PTX)1,2

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~90% in complex lesions in both RCT and real world data3,4

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Low revascularisation 
rate of 70.7% at 5 years5 in the IMPERIAL RCT data presented at CRT 2023

Eluvia demonstrated superior primary patency over BMS (EMINENT) and Zilver PTX (IMPERIAL)¹⁻²

Eluvia patency versus Zilver/BMS

Primary patency ~90% in complex lesions in both RCT and RWE at 1 year³⁻⁴

RWE versus RCT patency

7 out of every 10 Eluvia patients did not require a reintervention within 5 years

Eluvia low revascularization rate

Low revascularisation rate of 70.7% at 5 years⁵

Eluvia demonstrated a similar mortality rate versus the expected range for symptomatic PAD patients at 5 years⁵⁻⁶

Eluvia mortality versus PAD


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