Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System

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The Design of Eluvia Stent Video
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Eluvia Sustained Drug-Release Animation
Eluvia Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System image
Eluvia Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System inside view
The Eluvia Stent was designed and engineered to solve the unique challenge of restenosis in the SFA.
Eluvia's unique polymer-based technology is designed to sustain drug release to match restenosis in the SFA.
Eluvia Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System
Eluvia Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System

Eluvia™ is the unrivaled SFA stent – no matter the lesion complexity, no matter the patient. Restenosis presents a significant challenge in the management of superficial femoral artery (SFA) disease. Eluvia is specifically engineered for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer, effectively overcoming challenges associated with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It consistently delivers durable outcomes, even in the face of challenging SFA disease.

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Built for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer.

Eluvia is designed to meet the challenges of the superficial femoral artery (SFA) with outstanding flexibility and precise stent placement. Only the Eluvia drug-eluting stent (DES) offers sustained drug release to match the restenosis process in the SFA, with the lowest drug dose density1 delivered by the most proven polymer.

Consistent performance2-11
Any lesion. Any patient. Zero doubt.
Eluvia Data Exceptional Outcomes chart.

Eluvia™ size matrix

Eluvia French Size Data Exceptional Outcomes chart.
   75 & 130 cm delivery system working length                                                                                           6F is minimum sheath size

Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System UPN and GTIN Codes

ELUVIA EU 6X40 75 CMH74939295600470
ELUVIA EU 6X40 130 CMH74939295600410
ELUVIA EU 6X60 75 CMH74939295600670
ELUVIA EU 6X60 130 CMH74939295600610
ELUVIA EU 6X80 75 CMH74939295600870
ELUVIA EU 6X80 130 CMH74939295600810
ELUVIA EU 6X100 75 CMH74939295601070
ELUVIA EU 6X100 130 CMH74939295601010
ELUVIA EU 6X120 75 CMH74939295601270
ELUVIA EU 6X120 130 CMH74939295601210
ELUVIA EU 6X150 75 CMH74939295601570
ELUVIA EU 6X150 130 CMH74939295601510
ELUVIA EU 7X40 75 CMH74939295700470
ELUVIA EU 7X40 130 CMH74939295700410
ELUVIA EU 7X60 75 CMH74939295700670
ELUVIA EU 7X60 130 CMH74939295700610
ELUVIA EU 7X80 75 CMH74939295700870
ELUVIA EU 7X80 130 CMH74939295700810
ELUVIA EU 7X100 75 CMH74939295701070
ELUVIA EU 7X100 130 CMH74939295701010
ELUVIA EU 7X120 75 CMH74939295701270
ELUVIA EU 7X120 130 CMH74939295701210
ELUVIA EU 7X150 75 CMH74939295701570
ELUVIA EU 7X150 130 CMH74939295701510