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Randomised Controlled Trial results

SPORTS Clinical Trial Results

SPORTS is the first investigator-sponsored, core-lab adjudicated, prospective, multi-centre, three-arm RCT comparing outcomes of DES (EluviaTM) vs. BMS (investigator choice) vs. DCB (SeQuent Please), 1:1:1, in TASC C/D lesions.1

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Eluvia is the definitive treatment for ​long complex lesions2-11

12M Primary Patency across Eluvia Trials DET Graphics v2 (1024 x 520 px) - Eluvia 90% Primary Patency

The Eluvia DES has shown consistent performance of ~90% primary patency ​
at 12 months, no matter the lesion, no matter the patient. ​

The Eluvia arm in the SPORTS registry had an average lesion length of 235mm and is one of the most complex cohorts studied for the stent to date. ​

Primary endpoint: percentage diameter stenosis in lesion at 12 months1

Eluvia demonstrated statistically superior performance over BMS, whilst DCB was only non-inferior to BMS when evaluated angiographically for percent diameter stenosis and late lumen loss at 12 months.

Primary endpoint % Diameter Stenosis in Lesion

Secondary endpoint: freedom from CD-TLR at 12 months1

Eluvia also demonstrated superior patient outcomes over BMS and DCB ​as evidenced by freedom from TLR through the 12-month follow-up period.​

Secondary endpoint Freedom from CD-TLR

SPORTS randomised controlled trial details​

Eluvia DES​ (n=74)​DCB​ (n=74)​BMS​ (n=76)​p-value​
Average Diameter Stenosis in Lesion​25.3%​53.7%​60.0%​<0.0001​
Average Late Lumen Loss​0.4mm​1.1mm​2.0mm​<0.0001​
K-M Freedom from CD-TLR ​94.5%​80.7%​77.4%​0.015​
 ELUVIA N=74DCB N=74BMS N=76P-value
Average lension length235mm221mm227mm0.57
Average occlusion length179mm175mm151mm0.18
Average diameter stenosis in lesion96.80%92.60%94.20%0.10
Mod-sev calcification58.10%71.70%67.10%0.36
Renal disease8%12%3%-

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