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FDA Statement

11th July 2023: FDA removes all red flags and guidance for all PTX Devices ​

“Based on the FDA’s review of the totality of the available data and analyses, we have determined that the data does not support an excess mortality risk for paclitaxel-coated devices.”

Read the full statement here​

CIRSE Editorial​2

12th July 2023: CIRSE Advocate Paclitaxel devices should be used in PAD treatment in Femoropopliteal disease on the basis of their published efficacy

“We advocate that the benefits of Paclitaxel coated devices in terms of increased primary patency and reduced TLR warrant their use in the routine treatment of patients with femoropopliteal disease”​

Read the full statement here

More evidence.

Latest DET data releases and updates

At LINC 2023, several clinical updates were shared covering our DET portfolio, including 4-year data for the Ranger II SFA RCT and several registries. 

The new long-term clinical data consistently demonstrates exceptional outcomes in SFA lesions for both Ranger and Eluvia DET.

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CIRSE 2023: Arterial Symposium - Lessons learned, insights gained.

Watch our panel of experts sharing the latest advancements on Drug-Eluting Technology for endovascular interventions in Peripheral Arterial Disease.

LINC 2023: From RCTs, to real world, to big data.

Watch now our arterial interventions symposium while experts discuss consistent and exceptional outcomes in SFA lesions for Eluvia and Ranger.

EMINENT Trial: Eluvia DES vs BMS Watch

Prof. Y. Goueffic (Vascular Surgeon, France) presents the 12-Month results of the EMINENT RCT.

CIRSE 2022 – Arterial Symposium

Listen to our panel of experts discuss the latest RCT and real world evidence on the use of drug eluting technologies for treating SFA disease.

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