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Effortless Deliverability. Exceptional Outcomes.

Ranger Drug-Coated Balloon

Ranger™️drug-coated balloon consistently delivers exceptional outcomes with effortless deliverability

Exceptional outcomes with effortless deliverability

The innovative Ranger™ Drug-coated balloon (DCB) offers the lowest tip-entry profile of any Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) DCB.  When it comes to primary patency and freedom from target-lesion restenosis, you can choose Ranger with confidence, knowing  that it has demonstrated unparalleled performance across multiple randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and real-world studies

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Proven performance​
with half the drug dose1​

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Highest K-M PP​
of any DCB at 3 years2-5  ​

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~8/10 TLR Free
at 4 years6-7​

Proven performance​

Such is the efficiency of the Ranger DCB drug-delivery platform, in the COMPARE RCT, it demonstrated similar primary patency* at one year as IN.PACT DCB with just half the total drug dose.1​

More confidence

Demonstrates comparable outcomes to IN.PACT with half the drug dose.1

Ranger DCB proven performance

Highest K-M Primary Patency of any DCB at 3 years​

Over three years, pivotal clinical trials show the K-M primary patency rate achieved by Ranger in the Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) is unmatched by any other Drug-coated balloon (DCB)  – highlighting the superior long-term efficacy2-5 of this uniquely innovative product.​

More confidence

Long term Ranger demonstrated the highest K-M Primary Patency if any DCB at 3 yeras.

Ranger DCB highest KM primary patency

Low revascularisation rate at 1 and 4 years​

And what does this long-term efficacy mean for your patients? ​

It means you are giving them the best possible chance of avoiding the need for repeat intervention; 80% of Ranger DCB patients remain TLR-free at 4 years.6-7​

More successful outcomes

Ranger demonstrated a low revascularisation rate at 1 and 4 years.

Ranger DCB low revascularisation rate

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