Delphi study to identify consensus on patient selection for hydrogel rectal spacer use during radiation therapy for prostate cancer in the UK

The present Delphi study aimed to identify expert consensus on patient prioritisation for rectal hydrogel spacer use during radical RT for the treatment of prostate cancer in the UK.


Hydrogel spacers can help reduce rectal toxicity during radiotherapy (RT) for prostate cancer.1,2

Patient access to hydrogel spacers is limited in the United Kingdom (UK), so it is necessary to understand which patients should be prioritised for their use.



10 statements found sufficient consensus





  • The use of hydrogel spacers is potentially advantageous for all patients undergoing radical RT for prostate cancer, particularly for those with diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and/or those receiving anticoagulant therapy
  • These recommendations may help prioritise and equalise spacer access for patients in the UK



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