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Trauma Embolisation – Time Matters!

In an emergency trauma situation, the primary goal is to stabilise the patient, stop the bleeding and minimise the chance of any recurrent hemorrhage – all in the quickest possible time and without risking further injury to the patient. 
Trauma is the leading cause of death worldwide in people below 45 year.1 Uncontrolled hemorrhage accounts for 30-40% of trauma mortality, so rapid identification of the hemorrhage and early intervention is key.

Trauma Embolisation – Interventional Radiology Makes a Difference2

With trauma comes the challenge of not knowing what patient is coming in with – there is no history. There is a lot of detective work involved and a real team effort is required to making sure patients have the best possible outcome.

In this podcast, Dr. Elika Kashef discusses the importance of multidisciplinary, team-based care in hepatic & splenic trauma cases. Her insights include tips, key learnings & device selection considerations to achieve fast and efficient embolisation.

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The role of the IR is crucially important in stopping bleeding fast via minimally invasive procedures. Solid organs are the most likely to be injured.
Explore the bleeding patient case collection where peers from around Europe and Middle East share their best-practices to further advance patient care and provide safe and effective treatment

View real-world case studies where the prompt intervention of the IR has proved vital in giving trauma patients the best possible chance of survival.

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Trauma Embolisation – The Right Tools for the Job

In high-pressure situations such as trauma and bleeding management, you need to be sure your tools won’t let you down.

Boston Scientific offers proven trauma and hemorrhage embolisation solutions for every case, every step of the way, giving you versatility and performance you can rely on.

Fathom 14, 16”

Turn-for-turn torque control to enhance responsiveness and maneuverability. Fathom is 5 times more torqueable than competitor products.

Boston Scientific’s access and delivery solutions are designed for super selective embolisation to navigate you exactly where you need to go to stop the bleeding.

Direxion 2.4

Great torque and steerability which enhance repositioning of tip without a wire to save time

Boston Scientific’s established coil portfolio offers you the clinical versatility and confidence you need.

Interlock 18

Thrombogenicity – Fibers are best in class and decrease the time required to reach complete occlusion of the vessel.





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