Detachable Coils Portolio

Solutions for FRAMING, FILLING and
FINISHING in Peripheral Embolization

The IDC™ Interlocking Occlusion Coil family offers bare platinum detachable micro-coils with softer design than standard embolization coils, for tight packing and nesting into the vessel and into the coil frame for specific embolization needs.

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Product details

Two rigidity levels are available:

  • IDC Regular to complete Interlock packing
    Designed for smooth and tight packing of the coil in combination with high thrombogenicity and filling capability of Interlock

  • IDC Soft for smooth and elegant finishing
    Designed for smooth and tight packing during last coil delivery to prevent catheter kickback and last compaction in the target vessel as well as for extra-small vessels.


Each coil is mechanically attached to a coil delivery wire by “interlocking arms”. This simple and elegant design allows the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement in the vessel, thus aiding in more controlled delivery.”


Soft Coil Design

  • Thin wire and soft primary coil wind.
  • Designed for smooth, tight nesting of the coil, and reduced risk of catheter kickback, for delicate and accurate finishing during vessel embolization

Precise Placement

  • Interlocking arms offer ability to retract and reposition before detaching, for precise placement

Familiar Technology with Clinical Versatility

  • Same detachment mechanism and microcatheter compatibility as Interlock-18
  • Range of sizes (from extra-small 2mm x 2cm to extra-long) to facilitate use in extra-small peripheral vessels, delicate finishing needs, and for Hght packing in large aneurysms

Ordering information

IDC™ Soft Embolization Coil
UPNDescriptionDiameter (mm)length (mm)Shape
M0033612020IDC-18 Soft2202D
M0013612040IDC-18 Soft2402D
M0013613060IDC-18 Soft3602D
M0013613100IDC-18 Soft31002D
M0013614040IDC-18 Soft4402D
M0013614080IDC-18 Soft4802D
M0013614120IDC-18 Soft41202D
M0013615080IDC-18 Soft5802D
M0013615120IDC-18 Soft51202D
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