The value of InterlockTM in Endoleak type II treatment


Economical benefits – Trust a proven solution

Embolisation procedures demand efficiency and performance. Interlock coils deliver both,
giving a reliable way to ensure faster procedures with fewer coils and exceptional overall value.

Faster Occlusion

Interlock coils - occluded up to 45% faster than competitors. New pre-clinical data showed that coils with PET multifilament fibers are more occlusive than coils with nylon/PGLA monofilament fibers, or those with no fiber or hydrogel.1

Fewer Coils

The study showed that when using coils of similar lngths, Interlock used the least amount of coils to achieve total occlusion than any other brand in the study.1

Designed to meet Endoleak Type II embolisation needs

Interlock 18 | Interlock 35

Preoperative embolization

Preoperative embolisation

  • Specific 0.035" platform – best performance in terms of wall apposition reducing the risk of migration.
  • VortX shape – Specifically designed to maximize occlusive power thanks to cross sectional flow disruption.
  • Ease of deployment – Reliable and fast detachment system for improved safety and confidence.

Interlock 35

Intraoperative embolization

Intraoperative embolisation

  • Thrombogenicity – 9 mm PET fibers maximize the fiber density effectively reducing the endoleak type II persistence.
  • Cube Shape – specifically designed for aneurysmal packing, providing circumferential wall apposition and cross-sectional filling.
  • Long lengths (up to 40 cm) reduce the number of coils required per patient to reach the desired coil density per free volume unit.

Interlock 18

Postoperative embolization

Postoperative embolisation

  • Size Matrix – Interlock provides the largest 0.018" matrix in the market to cover all needs.
  • Improved visibility – Interlocking arms are specifically designed to improve the deployment using 2-RO markers microcathter (i.e. Direxion).
  • Deliverability – Detachment system specifically designed to maximize navigation through the microcatheter in tortuous anatomies (such as Riolan arch).