Imager™ II

Angiographic Catheter

Wide variety of flush, cerebral, and visceral shapes provides the versatility to meet individual clinical needs.

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  • Tungsten layering in the distal catheter segment results in a highly radiopaque catheter tip that promotes clear flouroscopic visualization.
  • Catheter tip stability and excellent contrast flow result in a clear image of the vasculature.
  • Soft tip material designed to reduce risk of trauma during contrast injection.
  • Advanced tip construction provides the balance of flexibility and the shape retention required for successful access and stable purchase. Soft tip material reduces risk of trauma during selection and contrast injection.
  • Polished, tapered tip design provides smooth tip-to-wire transition to facilitate entry and crossing.
  • Predictable torque response designed to facilitate exact positioning.
  • Advanced braided shaft designed to promote kink resistance and pushability to ease advancement through tortuous and distal anatomy.
  • Durable, fluted hub designed to ease guidewire manipulation and provide strain relief for kink-resistant advancement.
  • Wide variety of shapes provides the versatility required to meet individual clinical requirements.
  • Proprietary Medi-Glide™ coating enhances lubricity for sheathless insertion and superb tracking.