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Live Case from Belgium: Coronary Angioplasty

Live case on Complex PCI

Interventional Cardiologists today are faced with an ever increasing set of complex patients to manage. As patients become more complex, better technologies and techniques are required for improved acute performance and for improved safety and early healing.

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Case study: COMET™ Workhorse-Like FFR Wire Assesses Complex Case With 90° Angle

This case highlights the need for a FFR wire that can be used in highly tortuous anatomy. Prof Gianluca Campo from the Sant’ Anna University Hospital, Ferrara, Italy, uses the FFR where FFR may not have been possible before.
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Case study: ROTABLATOR™ facilitating Stent Delivery

The ROTABLATOR™ System is instrumental to modify calcified atherosclerotic plaque, necessary to facilitate optimal stent delivery and expansion. This case illustrates the ability of the ROTABLATOR™ System to modify calcified atherosclerotic plaque in order to facilitate optimal stent delivery and expansion.
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