InTouch Newsletter Issue 3

Congresses and Events

Clinical Evidence of the SYNERGY™ Stent for Optimal Healing and Safety: TCTMD Webcast

TCTMD Webcast: : Clinical Evidence of the Synergy™ Stent

The SYNERGY™ Stent recently received FDA approval for use in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. This video presents novel aspects of the SYNERGY™ stent design, current clinical data supporting its safety and performance, angioscopic evidence of healing and real-world data.

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Latest data at TCT 2016 confirms the safety of the WATCHMAN™ device in real life

WATCHMAN™ LAA Closure device

Different experiences from Europe and US confirm the safety of the WATCHMAN™ device in real life, showing excellent real practice results. Watch Prof. Foley, Prof. Sievert and Prof. Bergmann discuss the EWOLUTION data and implications for clinical practice.

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LOTUS™ Valve: Simplifying Treatment Strategies And Optimising Outcomes In The Real World

LOTUS™ Valve wrap-up interview

A wrap up interview with Prof. Lars Sondergaard, Dr. Ted Feldman and Dr. Matthias Götberg, who  discuss the technical features of the LOTUS™ valve system and how they translate into promising clinical outcomes . "Lotus™ is fully repositionable and fully retrievable which leads to a high degree of procedure success and also almost no mild paravalvular leak.", says Dr. Götberg.

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Educational Corner

Live Case from Belgium: Coronary Angioplasty

Live case on Complex PCI

Interventional Cardiologists today are faced with an ever increasing set of complex patients to manage. As patients become more complex, better technologies and techniques are required for improved acute performance and for improved safety and early healing.

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Case study: COMET™ Workhorse-Like FFR Wire Assesses Complex Case With 90° Angle

This case highlights the need for a FFR wire that can be used in highly tortuous anatomy. Prof Gianluca Campo from the Sant’ Anna University Hospital, Ferrara, Italy, uses the FFR where FFR may not have been possible before.
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Case study: ROTABLATOR™ facilitating Stent Delivery

The ROTABLATOR™ System is instrumental to modify calcified atherosclerotic plaque, necessary to facilitate optimal stent delivery and expansion. This case illustrates the ability of the ROTABLATOR™ System to modify calcified atherosclerotic plaque in order to facilitate optimal stent delivery and expansion.
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Clinical Studies

The PLATINUM Diversity Study presented at TCT 2016

This study evaluate the clinical outcomes of the Promus PREMIER™ Stent in women and minorities. The results showed that there were no significant outcome differences between white men and women or minorities for the composite primary endpoint of death, myocardial infarction or target vessel revascularization at 12 months. See Dr. C. M. Gibson and Dr. W. Batchelor’s discussion on the PLATINUM DIVERSITY Study.

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The SYNERGY™ Stent: Zero is on Safety through Angioscopy

Healing viewed through angioscopy

The SYENRGY™ Stent, with its abluminal, bioabsorbable polymer, is a new category of device that shows more complete stent coverage compared to permanent polymer stents.  Through angioscopy, we have a unique view into vessel healing with various generations of drug-eluting stents.

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