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Clinical Evidence of the SYNERGY™ Stent for Optimal Healing and Safety: TCTMD Webcast

TCTMD Webcast: : Clinical Evidence of the Synergy™ Stent

The SYNERGY™ Stent recently received FDA approval for use in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. This video presents novel aspects of the SYNERGY™ stent design, current clinical data supporting its safety and performance, angioscopic evidence of healing and real-world data.

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Latest data at TCT 2016 confirms the safety of the WATCHMAN™ device in real life

WATCHMAN™ LAA Closure device

Different experiences from Europe and US confirm the safety of the WATCHMAN™ device in real life, showing excellent real practice results. Watch Prof. Foley, Prof. Sievert and Prof. Bergmann discuss the EWOLUTION data and implications for clinical practice.

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LOTUS™ Valve: Simplifying Treatment Strategies And Optimising Outcomes In The Real World

LOTUS™ Valve wrap-up interview

A wrap up interview with Prof. Lars Sondergaard, Dr. Ted Feldman and Dr. Matthias Götberg, who  discuss the technical features of the LOTUS™ valve system and how they translate into promising clinical outcomes . "Lotus™ is fully repositionable and fully retrievable which leads to a high degree of procedure success and also almost no mild paravalvular leak.", says Dr. Götberg.

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