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Rock on-demand Education
Mastering ‘Rota-Cut’

Are you using the right tools?

Learn more on how to improve outcomes in coronary calcified lesions with short on-demand educational videos from experts throughout the world: 


Expert Talks

Our Ideas on Modern Calcium Treatment. Focus on PREPARE CALC-COMBO
Prof. Gert Richardt

Our Ideas on Modern Calcium Treatment. Focus on PREPARE CALC-COMBO Prof. Gert Richardt
Prof. Gert Richardt presents in this short video their ideas about Modern Calcium Treatment and the PREPARE-CALC COMBO study evaluating the acute and long term efficacy of a combined strategy of lesion preparation with rotational atherectomy followed by cutting balloon and by sirolimus-eluting stent implantation in patients with severely calcified coronary lesions.

Clinical Cases

Complex Calcium modification in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Kalpa De Silva

Dr. Kalpa De Silva presents a case of complex calcium modification in an out of hospital cardiac arrest

Dr. Kalpa De Silva presents the case of a complex IVUS guided calcium modification in out of hospital cardiac arrest, using a combination of rotational atherectomy and cutting balloon.

You will learn about:

  • The calcium modifications tools available
  • The importance of IVUS guided intervention to assess and device selection
  • The features to develop flexibility in strategy during a procedure
  • The benefits of rotational atherectomy combined with cutting balloon  

Concentric calcified plaque in a bent mid-LAD treated with Rotacutting
Dr. Pablo Salinas

Concentric calcified plaque in a bent mid-LAD treated with Rotacutting<br><i>Pablo Salinas</i>

Dr. Pablo Salinas explains in this IVUS guided case the use of the “Rotacut” technique in coronary calcified lesions.

You will learn about:

  • The basic principles of calcium modification : how to choose the right strategy
  • The approach to safely perform rotablation in a tortuous segment
  • The synergistic effects of rotablation plus Wolverine cutting balloon after HD IVUS assessment.

IVUS guided ''Rota-cut'' case of a severely calcified lesion
Dr. Joost Daemen

IVUS guided ''Rota-cut'' case of a severely calcified lesion<br /><i>J. Daemen</i>

In this short video, Dr. Joost Daemen presents a case of a patient with a severely calcified lesion combining rotational atherectomy and cutting balloon (RotaCut).

You will learn about:

  • Tips & tricks for the RotaCut technique
  • Value of IVUS guidance in calcified lesions in practice

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