Advancing therapeutic options in HPB* malignant strictures

Advancing therapeutic
options in HPB*
malignant strictures


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Challenges to achieving luminal patency

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Achieving adequate luminal patency plays a huge role in the success of a procedure, as failure to do so can result in complications and treatment delays.

A sub-optimal course of events can affect patients’ treatment experience and quality of life. Insufficient drainage can also reduce the survival of those with unresectable malignancies.

The availability of reliable, effective, easy-to-deploy dilation and stenting technologies is therefore crucial to optimizing outcomes in patients with malignant strictures in the hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) tract. 

Enabling efficient and effective treatment procedures

At Boston Scientific, we work tirelessly to deliver innovative solutions that help you offer the best possible treatment experience to your patients. 


Our HurricaneTM RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter is developed for accurate positioning and enables excellent stricture passage 

Excellent stricture passage

The HurricaneTM RX Biliary Balloon Catheter is a double-lumen catheter for endoscopic dilation of strictures of the biliary tree.

It has been designed to reduce resistance and increase pushability when crossing strictures thanks to a low-profile balloon shaft and tip, and a stainless steel stiffening stylet. The RX catheter design also allows guidewire locking to secure access.


Developed for accurate positioning

Hurricane™ RX Balloon offers optimal visualization with two radiopaque markers aiding in balloon positioning. Contrast may be injected with guidewire in place.

Complemented by a range of balloon sizes

The available options for balloon diameters and lengths facilitate the selection of an appropriately sized balloon for your patient's anatomy and stricture size. In addition, our balloons are designed to offer stability during stricture dilation. 


View product information for the HurricaneTM RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter:

Hurricane™ RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter 

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Hurricane™ RX Biliary Balloon Dilatation Catheter provides pushability, a low profile 4Fr tip to reduce the risk of tissue trauma, and radiopaque markers for accurate positioning.


Effectively manage biliary strictures and meet the needs of all stenting procedures with the WallFlexTM Biliary RX stent

Effective management of biliary strictures with biliary metal stents

Endoscopically placed stents have become the standard of care for biliary drainage with the aim of improving hepatic function, relieving jaundice, and reducing the adverse effects of biliary strictures.

They can improve quality of life and allow for palliative chemotherapy in patients with malignancies.

Multiple factors play a role in the selection of a metal stent.  


The WallFlexTM Biliary RX stents and delivery system are built on science and innovation to meet the needs of all stenting procedures, including: 
  • Migration resistance
  • Tissue in-growth prevention for the fully-covered version
  • Flexibility
  • Radial force
  • Removability
  • Reconstrainability
  • Fluoroscopic visualization
They are designed to face the numerous associated challenges, from the day of the procedure to the long term.

  • Easy delivery
  • Precise placement
  • Conformability to local anatomy

  • Accurate placement to reduce migration
  • Optimal deployment of the stent

  • Prolonged patency
  • Low migration rates
  • Removability up to 12 months*
  • Post-op visibility
  • Cost-effective
* Indication for the WallFlexTM Biliary RX fully covered stent in benign biliary structures.

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View product information for the WallFlexTM Biliary RX Stent:

WallFlex™ Biliary RX Stent (including Benign Indication)

Two decades of metal stent development and demonstrated safety and effectiveness from multiple studies have helped make WallFlex Biliary Stents the most frequently implanted biliary metal stent throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.1

Radiofrequency ablation

Ablate malignant or benign tissue with precision with the HabibTM EndoHPB Catheter

An award-winning innovation

The Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter is an Edison Award-winning radio frequency (RF) ablation catheter. It is the first RF catheter in Europe indicated for endoscopic biliary drainage or decompression prior to stent placement, or afterwards to clear an occluded stent.

It may improve luminal patency for both metal and plastic stents.1-4 Pre and post RF ablation with the Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter can be assessed under direct visualization with the SpyGlass™ DS System, enabling precision in tissue ablation. 


Explore the valuable role of the Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter in clinical practice

View product information for the HabibTM EndoHPB Bipolar Radiofrequency Catheter:

Habib™ EndoHPB Bipolar Radiofrequency Catheter 

The Habib™ EndoHPB Catheter is the first Radio Frequency (RF) ablation catheter indicated in Europe for malignant or benign tissue ablation in the pancreatic and biliary tract.

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