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Managing patient backlogs with meaningful innovation in EUS

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, many hospitals opted to suspend elective surgeries to reduce infection risk to patients and healthcare staff, as well as conserve critical resources such as personal protective equipment, ventilators and intensive care beds.1
Impact of COVID-19

As healthcare centers recover from the impact of COVID-19, they are facing a backlog of endoscopy patients as well as questions on how to avoid indeterminate diagnoses, minimize the likelihood of repeat procedures and shorter in-patient stays.

Boston Scientific’s devices are developed with these considerations in mind and aim to deliver efficient and effective care to patients.

Reduced Procedure Time:
Hot AXIOS Stent and Electocautery Enhanced Delivery System Versus AXIOS Stent and Delivery System

The Hot AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery-Enhanced Delivery System is indicated for use to facilitate transgastric or transduodenal endoscopic drainage of a pancreatic pseudocyst or a walled-off necrosis with ≥ 70% fluid content or the biliary tract.
Hot AXIOS™ System

In their efforts to reduce waiting lists, hospitals are looking into ways of generating operational efficiencies.

Answering these needs, the Hot AXIOS system reduces procedure time when compared to the (Cold) AXIOS Stent and Delivery System. The average procedure time when using Hot AXIOS is: 28.1+/-12.5 minutes compared to Cold AXIOS: 64.1 +/-37.8 minutes.2

Average procedure time2

Improved diagnostic yields

The Acquire™ Endoscopic Ultrasound Fine-Needle Biopsy (FNB) Device is designed to obtain more tissue, providing physicians greater confidence that they can obtain high quality tissue samples from pancreatic tumors.

Recent studies have shown that FNB has an advantage compared to fine-needle aspiration (FNA) of better sample collection in terms of length and surface of tissue obtained as well as sample adequacy, leading to increased diagnostic accuracy.

Acquire™ Endoscopic Ultrasound FNB Device

As a result, hospitals may increase the number of conclusive diagnosis for their patients for each session performed with FNB compared with FNA, even when a rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) is not available. Better-quality tissue samples mean fewer patients having to repeat the EUS diagnostic procedure because the initial sample was not adequate.3,4

As physicians and health care providers work to address patient backlog and treat new patients, they need systematic approaches backed by meaningful innovation.

At Boston Scientific, we work with our customers to solve the challenges that matter to them and their patients.

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