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Diagnostic efficiency thanks to innovative technologies

Faced with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve very likely had to adapt and rethink your approaches, strategies and hospital practices for treating your patients.

The outbreak has been responsible for a dramatic reduction in hospital appointments and medical procedures, as patients have avoided or delayed visits for fear of contracting the virus.1

With the number of COVID-19 patients in decline, hospitals now have to assess how to resume elective procedures amid strict safety measures for patients and staff, while continuing to treat those affected by the virus.

As a result, procedural efficiencies and a streamlined approach to diagnostics and treatment are key to reducing the number repeat procedures and avoid indeterminate diagnoses.

Diagnostic efficiency

Diagnosis within a single procedure

Our innovative technologies designed with diagnosing and treating within a single procedure can play a role in reaching these efficiencies.

The SpyGlass™ DS Direct Visualization System helps evaluate suspected benign and malignant conditions thanks to the direct visualisation of the pancreatic and bile ducts.

In a recent study, SpyGlass identified residual biliary stones in 34% of patients who had undergone an occlusion cholangiogram. Residual stones could lead to patient discomfort and repeated ERCPs.2

Improved diagnostic accuracy

The SpyGlass Direct Visualization System has shown in trials it can achieve a high diagnostic accuracy, ranging from 84% to 95%.4

In addition, data have demonstrated a reduction of the number of procedures and associated costs when SpyGlass is used in the first diagnostic ERCP or during the first mechanical lithotripsy session.5

When used during an ERCP procedure, the SpyGlass DSII System enables direct visualization of the bile and pancreatic ducts. It may facilitate obtaining biopsy specimens and may lead to the diagnosis of abnormalities.

SpyGlass DS II System in combination with the SpyBite™ Biopsy Forceps

Performing biopsies under direct visualization using the SpyGlass DS II System in combination with the SpyBite™ Biopsy Forceps, which can achieve 86% sensitivity,6 enables faster, more accurate diagnosis of malignancies.

The SpyBite Max Biopsy Forceps, an enhanced version of the legacy SpyBite Biopsy Forceps, have shown they can acquire more than twice the amount of tissue on an average bite.7

In a prospective study of 298 patients, SpyGlass technology altered diagnosis or influenced patient management in 85% of patients, demonstrating high procedural success and high accuracy in helping diagnose indeterminate strictures.8

High yields during needle biopsies

Fine Needle Biopsy (FNB) is often done during EUS procedures of pancreatic and non-pancreatic lesions where Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is not optimal.

Boston Scientific’s Acquire™ Endoscopic Ultrasound FNB Device helps EUS sonographers and pathologists achieve better diagnostic accuracy when compared to FNA.10

A comparative study has shown that EUS-guided biopsy of pancreatic masses with Acquire needle provided more tissue for histologic evaluation and better diagnostic accuracy than FNA needles.9

The Acquire Needle is designed to obtain more tissue, providing greater confidence that the samples they obtain may improve diagnostic yield even in centers that don't have rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) facilities.10,11

Greater tissue and high diagnostic yield may result in a reduced chance for a repeat procedure, enabling hospitals to better manage patients’ wellbeing during challenging times.

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