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We understand that hospitals are focused on managing costs, patient throughput, revenue recovery and supply chain health. Our commitment to you and your practice goes far beyond our proven devices. Now more than ever, we’re focused on working with you to deliver value through meaningful innovation, aligned commitment and proven quality.

Virtual reality solutions

To further support hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed new virtual installation solutions such as virtual case support and virtual in-servicing to stay connected with our customers during lockdowns.

Using a merged reality app, hospital staff can receive training and real-time instructions in their procedure room and on their device.

Boston Scientific’s teams are working continuously to assess the COVID-19 situation as it evolves to help customers minimize disruptions and protect the wellbeing of their patients and staff.


Watch our technicians demonstrate how we can use virtual technology to help install the EXALT™ Model D System.


Access to clinical education through EDUCARE digital platform

Historically, each year, tens of thousands of physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators take advantage of BSC clinical educational programs worldwide. In 2019, there were over 35,000 participants in more than 1,000 clinical education programs globally. We trained more than 2000 GI Endoscopists during hands on trainings, preceptorships, symposia and webcasts in Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

In response to the pandemic and its impact on access to clinical education programming, we refocused our resources on delivering programs via webcast, e-learnings and other digital resources. Our main resource to access all this content is the new EDUCARE digital platform.

The EDUCARE platform is a dynamic online resource offering you customized Endoscopy educational and training programs, designed in partnership with expert Physicians to support you, enhancing your clinical knowledge and skills to enable you to better improve patient outcomes.

How EDUCARE can help you?

  • Improve your skills and confidence and learn from experts in the field
  • Enhance your clinical knowledge browse a comprehensive library of courses and resources
EST-EU Educare

Access innovation through partnership

A procurement perspective

As experts in healthcare, we partner with you providing sustainable solutions with a broader perspective. Our best in class Contracting Solutions will make innovation available in this changing healthcare ecosystem by enhancing patient care at minimal budget impact, while improving operational efficiencies.

Watch a webcast from procurement point of view about challenges and lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis. Mr. Holger Meyer, Head of Procurement at Charité Berlin in Germany shares his views around logistics and materials procurement, purchasing options and solutions and his expectations from suppliers.


Holger Meyer
Head of Procurement Charité Berlin, Germany

Lessons learnt: our challenges in COVID-19 crisis

  • Logistics and materials procurement
  • Purchasing options and solutions
  • Expectations from industry partners/suppliers

Innovative solutions for our partners

You need innovative solutions to achieve goals as procurement strategies move away from price-driven product purchasing through complex tenders and negotiations.


Resourceful solutions for our supply chain

We've adapted quickly to support you through these times, and we'll continue to do so as we discover the "next normal" together.

Over the past months the demand for EndoArmor™ gowns has grown increasingly. In order to secure sufficient supply, we arranged direct gown shipments from a manufacturer in China to ensure continuity in customer supplies during these challenging times.

As a result, we been able to reduce the lead time for gown shipments to EMEA by 30-40 days, ensuring consistent supplies for our customers in EMEA and underscoring our commitment to put customers at the center of everything we do.

Implemented in less than two months, this top-priority project is one of the many actions Boston Scientific is taking.

Here today and ready for tomorrow

We don’t just sell devices

To deliver high-quality patient care, you need a partner that provides innovative technologies, robust clinical and economic evidence, education, reimbursement support, and a portfolio of services. We are committed to working with you to pursue meaningful innovation, develop technologies, and provide support that offers greater value and makes a difference in the lives of your patients.



And ready for tomorrow.


While we know our support may need to continually evolve, we're here to meet your clinical needs
and to partner with you for solutions to address your unique challenges.


We're here to help


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