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Infection prevention:
Putting patients and healthcare staff first

As the COVID-19 epidemic intensifies, infection prevention and control has become a top priority for healthcare providers.

Additional infection prevention measures, combined with standard practices, could remarkably change the course of the outbreak and minimise infection risks for patients and health professionals.

To best address the needs of our customers during these challenging times, we have refocused our solutions to help you put the wellbeing of your staff and patients first.

The Boston Scientific Infection Prevention products are designed to provide the components needed to comply with industry guidelines, mitigate cross-contamination risk and reduce variability during endoscope reprocessing.

As the improper cleaning of endoscopes could lead to the failure of high-level disinfection and sterilisation procedures, single-use products are key in lowering the risk of infection transmission.

Single-use solutions to minimize contamination

A contamination event could have a significant economic impact to the hospital including the potential for costs of notifying each exposed patient, incident investigation and reporting, legal costs, and reputational damage.1

Orca™ Valves

Boston Scientific’s Orca™ Valves eliminate the contamination risks linked to inadequate reprocessing, which could introduce patient-to-patient transmission of healthcare-associated infections. The single-use valves also offer the same feel and performance of reusable valves, without the associated wear and tear.

With the introduction of EXALT™ Model D that completes our comprehensive device portfolio for ERCP, we now offer physicians a complete line of single-use devices for endoscopy procedures from start to finish.

EXALT Model D uses a new, sterile duodenoscope for every procedure, eliminating cross-contamination risks between patients due to ineffective reprocessing.

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