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Art Butcher By Art Butcher
Senior Vice President, Boston Scientific
President, Endoscopy Division

At Boston Scientific, we’re committed to physician education and helping you succeed in providing the best patient care possible. In working with you, we’ve recognized a growing demand for education in response to today’s dynamic healthcare environment. With an increased focus on improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs while continuing to provide the highest levels of quality care, there is a greater need for healthcare systems to innovate by embracing new care delivery models and leveraging new technologies.

According to a report from Deloitte, healthcare industry leaders anticipate the large scale and rapid pace of this innovation may overwhelm their workforce and exacerbate current challenges such as nursing shortages and physician burnout.

A recent study shows early career physicians are most susceptible to burnout and a heavy administrative workload is among the contributing factors. Fellows and early career physicians are finding that in addition to their clinical training, they also need training in the business issues of healthcare including reimbursement, quality management, process analysis, safety, and leadership.

The ability to attract and retain top talent remains a competitive advantage for healthcare organizations and a talent strategy that includes physician education and training on business and practice management issues is critical.

To fulfill the growing need for physician education, Boston Scientific has partnered with the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) on the development and launch of a new online educational program, Early Career Practice Management Essentials.

We understand you want to advance your skills, evolve techniques and gain insight into the challenges facing healthcare organizations today. Physician education should not only enhance and expand clinical expertise but also provide fundamental management tools to help you navigate all aspects of healthcare.

The Early Career Practice Management Essentials program features a series of complimentary online learning modules that deliver comprehensive education on management topics such as reimbursement, quality, practice management, and the changing healthcare landscape. These learning modules are housed in GI Leap, ASGE’s new online education platform and will be available to advanced fellows and early career physicians at no charge.

The first online learning module addresses the complexities of reimbursement and highlights the essentials of physician and facility coding, coverage, and payment. This is an area identified by advanced fellows and early career physicians as a gap in their training. It is imperative for physicians to have a solid understanding of reimbursement to succeed in this changing health care environment.

We want you to know that we share your unwavering pursuit of excellence and are committed to supporting you in your professional development. That’s why we are excited to be part of this initiative with ASGE and bring you valuable educational opportunities that meet your needs. We hope you will partner with us as we introduce and expand this initiative because we know that when we work together and learn from each other, we can further the field of endoscopy.

To learn more about the initiative visit the GI Leap online learning platform.


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