Biliary Stricture Management Algorithm using RFA and Stent Placement

Dr. Neil Sharma By Dr. Neil Sharma
Parkview Cancer Institute
Parkview Health System
Fort Wayne, IN
Understanding the right treatment algorithm for each case is essential in pancreaticobiliary disease management. We have an opportunity to help patients through the implementation of new technologies, such as radiofrequency ablation to treat strictures of the bile duct that if left untreated could lead to discomfort.
Radiofrequency ablation is the application of energy to create tissue necrosis via the conduction of heat. Energy is deployed via a high-frequency electrical current delivered by a probe fitted with a pair of electrodes. The following treatment algorithm uses radiofrequency ablation to help maintain stent patency.
We are just beginning to see the possibilities for radiofrequency ablation in the pancreaticobiliary space. To learn more about Cholangioscopy and RFA visit for a full presentation.


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